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Little Britian is LOVEFUNNYHAHA

Little Britain Daily
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This is a community for fans of Little Britain. It basically is run as a 'daily' community for pics, where pics are put up everyday. I'd like to keep it this way, but if there is any great info about Little Britain, feel free to share.

Anyone who loves Little Britain is most welcome to join. We all love noooooo members here! :D

When joining please post answers to this short survey if you don't mind pets!

Favourite LB character?
Matt or David?
Favourtie quote?

just so we can all get to know each other a little! :)

Few rules!

- Try to check other people's posts before posting a pic yourself just incase we get doubles!
- Any "spoilery" pics from forthcoming series or live shows please put behind a cut
- Any large pics, please cut them as well!
- No fighting or childish squabbles! :P

I get most of my pics from Tara's most amazing David Walliams fan site. Its address is in the url addy of this journal - go check it out, its amazing!

and thats all!

Awwwww! ♥♥♥ arn't they adorable!